I am Vítor H. M. Correia

Christian, Husband, Father, Musician, Software Engineer, Learning Aficionado

Name: Vítor H. M. Correia

Profile: Systems Administrator / Software Engineer

Systems & Network Administration
IT Management & Consulting
Software Development
Test Automation & Quality Assurance
DevOps + Continuous Delivery
About me

Born and raised in Funchal, Madeira. Moved to Lisbon in 1999, where I have worked as a sysadmin, developer, project manager, technical support, IT training and everything in between.

Experiencing first hand the different aspects of IT has given me a privileged insight on customer needs from product design to product delivery, as well as product support. Having taught and worked with different cultures and languages has also equipped me to have a global growth mindset.

I enjoy listening to music (I'm a part-time composer and player), as well as continuously learning more on theology, psychology, personal growth and emotional intelligence.

I look forward to connect with you @ LinkedIn.